Become a Vendor

Vendors will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis, upon approval of submission of items you will be selling.

Please submit all inquiries to: Alicia Hamilton  –


The mission of First Friday Milwaukie is to improve the commercial health of locally owned business in Milwaukie so they might prosper, while simultaneously fostering a vibrant community.

In order to stay true to our mission, new in 2014, we are requesting that vendors sell only locally-made goods OR represent a local business. Franchises/consultants for large companies will not be accepted.

- This is a FAMILY-FRIENDLY event. Please ensure that anything being sold is appropriate for all ages!

- You will be designated a 10×10 space. Vendors are responsible for tents, tables, chairs, lighting, etc. Electricity is available as are porta-potties.

- Hours for the event are 5 – 9pm, however, if you are busy and would like to stay open you can do so on your own accord until 10pm.

- There is NO vendor fee, however, if you are granted a space in our event we ask that you honor this commitment and show up (you may be taking someone else’s space). If you do not show up you will forfeit your ability to be a vendor in future months!

- You will be located in the parking lot across from City Hall. You will be adjacent to live music and the food/beer garden. This should help increase sales, however, be prepared that it may be a little loud.

- Set up times and details will be confirmed soon. We will forward all information as soon as it is finalized!

- You MUST pack up all garbage. Please be respectful of city property and our lovely town!

- You MUST sign this waiver and release form prior to confirming your space. Please bring on the night of the event. 2014 VENDOR waiver form

- If you are selling any type of homemade food or beverage you must have a food-handler license that you will need to include with your waiver form AND bring with you to every event! Here is a link to the latest Oregon State food codes:

Thank you so much for your interest! We look forward to a wonderful First Friday season!

Warmly, Alicia Hamilton


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